Woodford Reserve $1,000 Mint Julep Silver Cup

Silver Cups – Eighty-Nine Silver-Plated Pewter Cups are available for purchase. The silver cups are handcrafted by Louisville jeweler From the Vault and are accompanied by a silver sipping straw. The Silver Cup is available for $1,000.


This year, Woodford Reserve is proud to honor the Black jockeys throughout history who elevated the Kentucky Derby and pushed the sport to great heights in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Black jockeys played a significant role in horse racing that many people know little about, due to the erasure of their participation through racism and segregation at the track and throughout the industry. 

The time to celebrate these men and highlight their dignity, spirit, and accomplishments is long overdue. They each exemplified love for the sport and the pursuit of excellence, despite the inequality and injustice they faced throughout their lives and careers. So we’ve inscribed each cup with the name of a Kentucky Derby-winning Black jockey. 

We’ve paired each cup with a decorative silk designed by Louisville-based artist Gwendolyn Kelly, featuring a custom pattern she calls the “four-man clover,” representing the interconnected network of support and strength among Black jockeys, trainers, and groomsmen. 

The bag was designed by Louisville-based artist Albert Shumake as a nod to the winner’s purses which were historically hung above the gates after races. Each bag is a unique, bespoke creation that truly connects the history of the Kentucky Derby to the present day. 

All proceeds from the sale of this year’s julep cup benefit the non-profit Project to Preserve African American Turf History.

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